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Martine Holston

Design // Learn // Lead

As a Public Health consultant with a decade of experience in community-based and global programs, I provide a range of support to nonprofits to further their mission and impact including organizational development, program design and management, grant writing, and impact evaluation. I am skilled at working with teams to create, implement, and evaluate innovative programs, both in-person and from across the globe. I have designed programs for new interventions and developed systems for monitoring and evaluating these programs, both within programs and across countries. I am adept at communicating results to all levels of stakeholders, a systems thinker with a fine eye for detail, a self-starter and an effective collaborator, and a team player with strong management skills.


Systems thinking // human centered // public health approach


Evaluation focused on improvement and capacity building // Mission-driven analysis // Toolkits to share learning


Collaborative management focused on learning // Organizational and professional development // Strategic planning // Coaching and mentoring

Experienced in


Designed and oversaw implementation of more than 15 programs in low- and middle-income countries introducing new interventions to address complex health problems, including information and oversight systems. Help organizations create the infrastructure to support their programs and achieve impact.


Directed implementation of programs in Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia, including set up of systems to manage projects, oversight of local teams and highly technical consultants, managing timelines, and liaising with local collaborators. Help organizations manage their project and achieve high-quality deliverables on time and create a culture of learning through integrating knowledge management.


Combine systems thinking, dedication to mission, and practical business acumen to create meaningful and feasible plans and methods for measuring results.


Created monitoring and evaluation frameworks and data collection tools and directed technical oversight of their implementation abroad, including multi-country surveys. Trained local teams to conduct project monitoring, evaluation, and field research. Support non-profits to design and implement evaluations to measure change and improve programs, including creating theories of change, data collection design, data analysis, and technical writing.


Conducted quantitative and qualitative data analysis and authored manuscripts for project reports, peer-reviewed publications, white papers, and a compendium of research. Assisted in dissemination meetings to convey results to stakeholders. Presented at international conferences.


Work with leadership to scale programs and systems so that the organization grows elegantly and sustainably.

Countries worked in (in-person and remote)

Countries visited

Programs designed