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Pre-kid, I knew I wanted to do cloth diapers to lighten our footprint and to save some money. But it was a bit overwhelming to begin- there are a lot of options now! Here’s a brief overview of how we landed on our system.

Basically, I didn’t want to commit to one kind of cloth diaper. We chose not to do a diaper service for that reason – we would have to use

Our System

We use about half tri-folds with a cover and pocket diapers. I prefer tri-folds at home because they are less laundry. I prefer pockets when we are out and about and for childcare because they have the convenience of a disposable diaper. So I’m really glad that we have both.

We have:

  • 18 organic trifolds in the newborn size (I was able to get these for free using the Baby Bucks on Amazon’s registry)
  • 7 Flip Covers (Buy Buy Baby or The Green Nursery, wherever you can find the best discount)
  • 10 BumGenius 5.0 Pocket Diapers (The Green Nursery)


Additional supplies

  • Planetwise Wet Bag: This thing is awesome; keeps the smell out! We also got THIS ONE that has a dry bag side, which I think will be great for going to the beach to keep wet clothes away from clean dry ones.
  • Trash can and bags
  • Small wet bag for the diaper bag
  • Wipes
  • Wipe warmer

Favorite wipes (unfortunately out of stock): https://www.amazon.com/GroVia-Reusable-Cloth-Diapering-Wipes/dp/B003X3R6TO?ref=ast_p_ei

Also bought: