When we started thinking about pumping bottles for our daughter, I was weirded out by all the plastic, especially the plastic storage bags. I did some research into glass bottles, and thankfully my doctor gave me some great advice on what she actually used with her kids.

For pumping: Evenflo Glass Bottles (4oz). These screw directly onto my Ameda Purely Yours pump that I received through insurance. I’m not sure if it works with other pumps, so you should check before purchasing. I also bought these caps for storage. After I’ve pumped I label the lid with washi tape.

For feeding: I bought the wide mouth Dr. Brown’s glass bottles because that is what our doctor (and many others) recommended. They can transition to a sippy cup with this handle and lid. However, our daughter never latched onto it. She thankfully took to the Evenflo, so I pump into the bottle she drinks out of, saving us a step!

For freezer storage: For milk that won’t be used right away, I use 4oz or 8oz canning jars. The perks of this is that they can handle extreme temperatures (but don’t put directly from the freezer into boiling water!). You also won’t lose any precious milk due to leaks from the bags. The lining of the lids has BPA in it, so I use these silicone lids. I transfer the washi tape from the Evenflo cap to the glass jar and stick in the freezer. You could color code by month if you wanted to!

Remember to follow best practices for storing and serving breast milk.

In summary, here’s what we purchased and use:

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