I just passed the one year anniversary of giving notice at my job. It caused me to reflect on everything I’ve done in the past year, where I’m at and where I’m headed. It lit a fire under my ass in a pretty big way. I realized there’s been something missing in my work over the past year.  It hit me that I need to tell you the WHY behind my business.

I need to express the reason why I do this work and why I think it’s so important. Until this point I’ve felt it but never written it down. Which means you have a sense of it, but don’t know it.

As I wrote, the more I articulated what I truly believe the more fired up I got. The deeper I dug into into it, the larger the issue became. We’re talking global proportions. It’s so much more than just one person hating their job.


People being unfulfilled in their jobs is an epidemic

I believe that people being unhappy in their jobs is a major unaddressed crisis. I’m tired of seeing people slave away at a job they hate so that they can “enjoy life” one day. While they believe they’re just going to work to make a living, the ripple effect of being miserable in their job reaches not just into every area of their lives, but to everyone around them. Without thinking about it, they start snapping at their partners, they aren’t there for their kids, they aren’t making the money they want, and they feel emotionally, creatively, and spiritually unfulfilled – and bringing everyone around them down with them.

If only one person felt this way it would be one thing. But whole societies are living unfulfilled lives. The most common response when I tell people what I do is either “oh my god I need that” or “I know so many people who are miserable in their jobs.” This is an epidemic.  If that many people are unhappy, unfulfilled, and not being the fullest expressions of themselves, collectively we are downgrading the potential of the planet.

You can’t work in a job you hate and live a life you love

During your working life you spend about 1/3 of your waking hours at work. If you’re miserable 1/3 of the time, there’s no way you can be a happy person. It’s impossible to work in a job you hate and have a life you love – it’s simple math.

You can’t compartmentalize the hours you spend at work. It’s not just those 8-10 hours a day. Being miserable in your job is a source of health problems (most heart attacks happen on Monday mornings – people’s hearts are literally breaking on their way to work), relationship problems (you’re more likely to pick a fight when you’re pissed about work), and probably a host of other issues in your life that you don’t even realize.

twitter_32You deserve more than that. Don’t just make a living, make a life. What you do to pay the bills is just a small part of who you are. But if it is keeping you from fulfilling your larger purpose in life, you’re going to suffer until what you do is in alignment with who you are.

You always have a choice

One of the foundational principles of my coaching is that you always have a choice. In every moment, you have the choice to do, be, and feel what you want. Having choice is empowering, but it requires that you take responsibility. I truly believe that you have a CHOICE and that you don’t have to have a life like this – but you have to choose for it to be different.

I know it because I did it myself. The moment I realized that I didn’t want my boss’s job or her life, or the life of anyone around me, I knew something had to change. I quit and redefined “making a living” and “success” for myself. You know that part of the story. The part that you don’t know is that in the process of creating my own life, I realized just how messed up our current success and lifestyle paradigms are. Why are we all living to work, when we should be working to live?

That is why I decided to become a coach and am so passionate about this – I believe with my entire being that it shouldn’t be this way. I’ve seen people waste their entire lives because they’ve never taken time to think about what they wanted. Perhaps they had a glimmer at some point in their lives, but thought it was too late and decided to keep going – and went through their whole lives never realized their dreams or felt fulfilled. What I want for everyone is to stop waiting until “someday” to start having a life they love – I want us to start living it NOW. It’s not as big and scary as it seems, it can actually be quite easy.

Your purpose is part of the universal plan

Everyone has a purpose, and that purpose is part of the universal plan. You are a puzzle piece that fits perfectly. It’s not selfish to pursue your dreams, it’s your duty.  Everything you have been given and done is moving you in the direction of achieving that purpose. But it’s your job to do the “work”, the work that leads you to being who you really are and contributing to the world in your unique way.

My WHY – My Mission

I connect people to their passion and purpose so they can fulfill their potential, raising the potential of the planet.  Bottom line: dear reader, I love you and what you to be your best self. Even if it seems silly or small to you, your happiness has a direct impact on the world. Only by all of us collectively living our purpose in productive and happy lives will the planet reach it’s full potential.

I’ve created a program that’s going to help you identify what your purpose and calling is, and create a plan for you to get out of whatever is ruining your life without it being as hard and painful and scary as you think it’s going to be. I’ll help you figure out whether you need to leave your job or if your job is actually workable and what you need to change in order to be really happy and what kind of life you need to build in order to be happy in that job. Or we’ll talk about a million different options that you can explore based on your purpose and calling, and if you want to keep working together after our three sessions, I’m going to help you explore those options and find a way to make a living that’s in line with your calling.

Here’s an example of one of my clients: She came to me because she quit her job to pursue her lifelong dream of going to med school in her mid-thirties. Halfway through her first semester, she was freaking out because she hated the coursework and wasn’t sure if this is what she wanted after all (and was staring at 10 more years of school to achieve her “dream”). In our work together, we discovered what her ideal work and lifestyle looked like – and that it definitely did not look like being a doctor! Then we dug deep and got to the root of why becoming a doctor was so important to her – the feeling of security and credibility – and found new ways to create that in her life. Now she is off exploring what truly brings her joy in life and curating her skills and passions into a self-defined career.

Another client came to me and we both thought she was going to quit her job within months. After two sessions, she had implemented enough life and mindset changes that she figured out how to make her job work for her, and decided to stay.

Read more about my coaching program and schedule a free session to talk with me if you are ready to finally start making some changes and moving towards the life you know you want, and we’ll talk about how I can support you as you take this amazing leap forward towards who you really are.

This is about you, too

While this post has been all about me, I want to urge you, dear reader, to return to why whenever you’re feeling lost or struggling to make sense of were you’re at. When you have a firm grounding in what you stand for, you can literally stand stronger. Do you have a why? Share it in the comments – maybe you’ll inspire someone!