Bachelor of Arts: Sociology & Global Studies

University of California, Santa Barbara

Global Studies: Emphasis on Culture and Ideology, regional emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Awards: Pahl Making a Difference Award, High Honors at graduation, Award for Academic Excellence (completion of the College of Letters and Science Honors Program), Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Delta (The International Sociology Honor Society).


Master of Public Health: Maternal and Child Health

University of California, Berkeley

Emphasis in global health.

Master’s Thesis: Will Women Pay to Prevent Maternal Death?: An Analysis of Willingness to Pay for Misoprostol to Treat Postpartum Hemorrhage, an original analysis of data collected during my internship in Kigoma, Tanzania implementing the Long-term Community-based Use of Misoprostol to Treat Postpartum Hemorrhage Study. 


Programs, Scale, and Analytics Consultant (2015-present)

I-MAK (Initiative for Medicines Access and Knowledge)

Since I began consulting with I-MAK, I have acquired a strong background in infectious diseases and patent law – two areas of Public Health that were new to me. I have served a critical consulting role for its Directors, executing support for a wide array of Director-level functions including creating internal systems to help the organization scale, co-authoring technical reports and presentations for external dissemination, and managing the technical team and other consultants, including technical analysts, lawyers, scientists, and communications team. Specific projects include:

  • Created program management, organizational work plans, and knowledge management systems and tools. For example, developed systems to manage both cases and drug market tracking.
  • Created  the organization’s first annual report, which included creating impact metrics, consolidating 9 years of program data, and articulating I-MAK’s approach and contribution to access to medicines for HIV and hepatitis C.
  • Drafted a report on civil society’s involvement in the access to medicines movement for HIV and hepatitis C.
  • Co-authored two-year multimillion dollar grant proposals.
  • Lead I-MAK through a 3-year strategic planning process and created internal planning tools.
Impact Evaluation Consultant (2013-2014)

One Global Economy

Created an impact evaluation methodology for OGE’s Digital Inclusion programs and an evaluation toolkit to be adapted for implementation at the country level and shared with partner organizations, including creation of theory of change models, impact indicators, systems for internal monitoring, and a follow-up survey for program participants to assess behavior change and socio-economic impact. Implemented the evaluation in four countries (Mexico, India, South Africa and Egypt); conducted cross-country analysis to see the impact of training and programs on mission-driven outcomes and drafted the final report.

Founder and Consultant (2013-present)
  • Work with small business owners and non-profits to articulate their business’s vision and values and create a strategic plan for creating vision-driven programs, products, and services.
  • Use transformational coaching and mentoring, strategic thinking, marketing, productivity, and other skills to help business owners overcome practical and emotional obstacles in implementing their vision.
  • Create an implementation plan and supporting systems to get high quality work done on time.
  • Developed a website, social media presence, and featured as a guest writer for several online publications.
Director, Research & Implementation (2008-2012)

Promoted from Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist to Misoprostol Program Officer to Director of Research and Implementation within two years. Created a division within the technical department that was responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of all operations research, pilot programs, and scale-up. Responsible for the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, interim and final reports, and dissemination of results of nine community-level operations research projects in eight countries. Designed initial phase scale-up for two programs in Rwanda, coordinating with the Ministry of Health to develop and integrate training and monitoring and evaluation into existing programs and reporting structures. Created an “Organizational Scorecard” and internal systems of monitoring and evaluation, including an organizational database and organizational scorecard, which measured both process and impact metrics.  Oversaw the monitoring and evaluation of programs in 12 countries, including development and maintenance of reporting systems and establishing guidelines for monitoring projects, trainings, and subcontracts.  Collaborated with IPAS to create Misoprostol use in Post Abortion Care: A Service Delivery Toolkit. Participated in its design and review and wrote the chapter on “Ensuring High Quality Services”. As member of the management team, contributed to strategic planning and organizational development, created and managed a department with a staff of four (plus contractors and interns), collaborated with other departments to achieve program objectives with high technical standards, and represented the organization with in-country and international partners and at international conferences and meetings.

Graduate Student Researcher (2007-2008)
  • Coordinated a quantitative and qualitative evaluation, including a field survey, in-depth interviews, and focus groups with traditional birth attendants, doctors, and community members.
  • Trained local staff in human subjects protection and questionnaire administration, orchestrated implementation of the survey, conducted in-depth interviews, and arranged focus groups.
Administrative Coordinator (2006-2007)

Institute for Integrative Medicine, University of California, San Francisco
UCSF CIRM Stem Cell Training Program

  • Collected data for grant proposals; prepared annual reports; post-award management of research grants.
  • Developed and coordinated an evaluation program to assess how to improve the Training Program.


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Designed and oversaw implementation and evaluation of a pilot program assessing the feasibility of providing comprehensive abortion care at all levels of the health care system in Tigray, Ethiopia, including by Health Extension Workers. Created manual of operations, data collection tools, and training materials. Oversaw training of staff and providers, data collection and management. Provided ongoing support to in-country team, including weekly team calls. Analyzed data and wrote the final report and brief.

Summer Internship in Kigoma, Tanzania

Summer Internship in Kigoma, Tanzania through the Bixby Center for Population, Health and Sustainability. Conducted an evaluation of the long-term impact of misoprostol distribution to treat PPH by traditional birth attendants. Trained interview staff, coordinated implementation of survey, conducted in-depth interviews and focus groups. Entered and cleaned the data, analyzed data, and wrote final report and publication.

Semester Abroad at the University of the West Indies (2003)

Semester Abroad at the University of the West Indies (2003)

Summer Homestay (1998)

Summer home stay through sister high school. Took cultural and language classes. (1998)


Designed and oversaw implementation and evaluation of two operations research: Community-based Prevention of PPH with Misoprostol (brief and final report) and Expanding Access to Postabortion Care Services with Misoprostol (brief and final report).  Coordinated IRB approval, designed manual of operations and data collection tools, created training materials, oversaw training of staff and providers, managed and analyzed data, wrote the final report. Included multiple site visits to participate in trainings, monitor the programs, and supervise a masters-level summer intern from UC Berkeley.


Provided technical assistants to a pilot program in two districts introducting misoprostol for PPH prevention at home births. Designed and oversaw implementation and evaluation of the pilot program, including ongoing support to in-country teams. Oversaw data management and writing the final report. Read the program brief and full technical report.


Designed and oversaw implementation and evaluation of an operations research in five districts of Zambia intro ducting misoprostol for PPH prevention. Coordinated IRB approval, designed manual of operations and data collection tools, trained program staff, provided ongoing support, supervised a masters-level summer intern from UC Berkeley, managed and analyzed data, wrote the final report. Reach the full technical report and program brief.


Collaborated with the Ministry of Health to design and implement two initial scale-up programs: expanding access to postabortion care services in Rwanda and integrating misoprostol into community-level PPH prevention. Designed methodology and data collection tools to be integrated into the country’s HMIS system, oversaw training and implementation, reviewed data collection and management, and provided continual support to the project. Included multiple site visits to meet with key program staff and partners, participate in trainings, and conduct monitoring visits.


Provided technical oversight for two operations research: Expanding Access to Postabortion Care in Zimbabwe through Integration of Misoprostol and Introducing Misoprostol for the Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage in Zimbabwe. Participated in consensus meetings with key in-country partners.


Designed, oversaw implementation, and evaluated an operations research with Ifakara Health Institute to determine the feasibility, safety, acceptability, and program effectiveness of misoprostol distribution via antenatal care (ANC) visits. Read the program brief and full technical report. Included site visits to train staff, monitor the program and oversee data management, conduct an evaluation with an external consultant, and support the dissemination meeting.


Collaborated with ICDDR,B in one of the largest community-based operations research of misporsotol to prevent postpartum hemorrhage. Coordinated IRB approval, assisted in the development of data collection tools, created a manual of operations, provided ongoing support to the field team via weekly calls, cleaned and analyzed the data, and wrote the final report. Included two site visits during the project and overseeing two masters-level summer interns from the University of California, Berkeley. Read the full technical report and program brief.


[Virtual Assistance] Provided technical oversight for a collaborative project of the VSI/Ghana Health Service pilot program in Ghana to address maternal deaths due to postpartum hemorrhage. Read the full technical report and program brief.


[Virtual Assistance] Provided technical support to partner agencies to implement a study on misoprostol for treatment of incomplete abortion and miscarriage in Madagascar, including methodology and data collection tool design and review, data analysis support, and review of the final report (all in French).


[Virtual Assistance] Technical support to community-level research in Zaria demonstrating that trained traditional birth attendants can safely administer misoprostol for prevention of PPH after home births to achieve higher uterotonic coverage. Assisted in the data analysis and final report.

South Africa

[Virtual Assistance] Conducted a 4-country survey (South Africa, Egypt, Mexico, and India) as part of OGE’s Impact Evaluation. Worked with the South Africa team virtually to refine impact evaluation methodology and tools. Presented at the FIGO conference in Cape Town in 2009.


[Virtual Assistance] Created data collection tools, managed and analyzed data, and wrote the final report of an assessment conducted in one representative district, Bugiri, on the introduction of misoprostol for prevention of PPH at health facilities.


  • Language skills: English (Native) // French (Intermediate) // Swahili (Beginner)
  • Technical skills: Microsoft Office // STATA // Web design
  • Women’s Commission for Refugee Women & Children: “Minimal Initial Service Package (MISP) for Reproductive Health in Crisis Situations: a Distance Learning Module” (2010)
  • Marie Forleo’s B-School – Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs (2013)
  • Girls Guide to Graphic Design (2014)
  • Other training: Doula Organization of North America trained Doula (2011) // Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher – 200 Hour Level (2013) // En*theos Fundamentals of Coaching (2013)


I asked 40 colleagues and friends – people who had known me from one month to my entire life – to choose three words to describe me. It’s no surprise that “organized” came out as the leading characteristic given that I created a word cloud to compile the results.

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Original Research

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Evidence Reviews

Misoprostol for postpartum hemorrhage prevention at home birth: an integrative review of global implementation experience to date

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Misoprostol use in postabortion care: A service delivery toolkit

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