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Martine is a warm and inspiring woman. There is nothing more important, or crazy-making, than finding your vision.  It’s so easy to get thrown off course time and time again, and finding clarity can feel impossible.  Martine helps the most lost find their true north so they can finally make all of their dreams come true.   Sarah Jenks

Live More, Weigh Less

Martine is unparalleled in her pursuit of excellence. She holds high standards for not just the rigor of analysis, but also how information is presented. An expert in strategic communication, Martine exercises precision and thoughtfulness in language when addressing internal and external audiences.

As a supervisor, Martine demonstrates excellent organizational skills, managing a multi-office team and following up on multi-month projects with clarity and ease. Moreover, she is a supervisor who truly prioritizes the wellness and growth of her team, investing time and energy in building a relationship with each team member through biweekly one-on-one check-ins, quarterly team retreats etc.

Melody Liu

Former team member


I had no idea what to expect from a 2-hour Vision Mapping session, but I was hoping I’d at least get a bit of clarity on all the thoughts swirling through my mind. Instead, I walked away from my session with Martine with total clarity as well as an action plan + timeframe for implementation. I felt like all of my ideas running through my mind finally had a logical order and path. They suddenly felt doable instead of overwhelming.

After my session, I printed out my “Map” and have it hanging next to my desk where I refer to it every time I feel stuck, overwhelmed or unsure of my next move. It’s truly my ‘north star’ and hashelped me make more progress in the past 5 months than I had in the past 2 years. Thank you Martine!

Michelle L Evans

Breaking Free

I’ll admit to not knowing what Martine’s service was before starting.  However, after reaching a frightening point of frustration and my inevitable timeline ticking away, I gave it a shot.  Her Vision Mapping Session ended up being the single greatest moment of clarity I have had since I started my company.  She spent time with me mapping everything out and creating a perfect compass for me that I still look at almost every day.
As a creative type, it is way too simple for me to get bogged down by everything else and losing focus on my real goals.  Her session gave me a guide to follow and strive towards, all the while knowing it was still my creation.  My only regret was my own hesitation.
Steve Doty

Shady Oak Barrel House

My heart desired change and a commitment to service others in a larger way but my mind had a hard time translating those feeling into words. Martine was my compass. She listened and artistically strung my desires and visions into a beautiful web that made sense. She found my true North and guided me on a journey that helped me understand my compass. My business is now more aligned than ever before. I now have the pleasure of revisiting my personally crafted Vision Map to guide me whenever I waver or question business or life choices. The session with Martine and the tool she gifts you is a treasure.

Sora Surya No

As entrepreneurs, we’ve got a lot going on in our day to day and our vision for our business is constantly evolving. Martine is so skilled at taking all the ideas you have swirling around in your head and guiding you in laying out your vision on paper along with guiding principles to take you there. I felt invigorated and like I could breathe deeper after my session with her.

Becca Piastrelli

The Dabblist

Martine’s Vision Cartography is so much more than a map, Martine created a compass that allowed me to embody my gift for the world and reason for being. With careful contemplation, thought, and spirit, Martine was able to provide genuine insight into my path ahead. My compass acts as a tool to help me in making decisions that are authentic to the direction I want to go—my true north, to enjoy life.

Bailey Frumen

MSW, LCSW Lifestyle Design Coach


Having Martine as a side-kick to encourage me and congratulate me as I made decisions definitely helped me be more comfortable that I was doing the right thing for me! After working together, I definitely felt more confident in my decisions for the next steps that I needed to take, and I was 100% confident in them, instead of being unsure like I was before before working together. Martine is so calm, relaxed, and just zen. It was such a breath of fresh air to work/talk with her. She was able to bring me back down to earth, calm down, and just focus on small questions instead of letting everything build up and become overwhelming.


I was struck by a seemingly instant connection with Martine. The session was an acknowledgment of my struggles and guilt. It felt like a release of tension and fear to hear someone understand my perspective without judgment. I felt empowered and inspired, after one session, to face some of my emotions from a new, stronger, less judgmental angle.

Client Spotlight

The Vision Map Session

I felt I had the space to have a big brain dump of all my different ideas and visions. It was really powerful to watch Martine draw out my vision and see those visions come to life – how they could all fit together and what all the different cogs in the wheel really were.

The session got me to a place of clarity and of feeling like all these “random ideas” weren’t so random after all – but really all fit together beautifully once we mapped them out. It helped me craft a new program and push me into a level of mentoring that I didn’t even know I wanted to get to.
After the session, for the first time I was in a place where I could finally see these programs becoming a reality. I started having  the conversations I needed to have and I took a lot of intentional action – and saw a lot of forward momentum.


In only a few months, all of the wheels are set in motion to launch a program that has been floating in my mind for three years. Sitting down with Martine, I could finally see how it fits in to everything else I was doing and that it is really ready to come out.
I’ve put together a book proposal for something that was just a concept when I first spoke to Martine three months ago. I didn’t know what it was going to look like and now I have the entire map and the entire outline of a book done.
I’ve taken on several new clients for a new program I developed with Martine, given my primary team member more responsibilities, and created more business for other people by expanding my business.


I had so many ideas and so many things that I wanted to teach and bring into the world, but I had no idea how they all fit together or even how to begin to birth them. I was even a little lost on the common threads between them. It just felt like a big jumble of amazing ideas that I didn’t know what to do with.

It was draining me – I felt like there was big work I had to do in the world but I had no idea where to start. I was running my wheels creating content and programs but not really knowing what the bigger picture was or how to bring it to life.  I had tried B-School, courses, and worked with business coaches. What was missing how to string it all together and how bring it to one cohesive reality.

1:1 Work

I was a little overwhelmed after the Vision Map Session: I could clearly see my vision but how the hell do I make it all happen? The continued work with Martine helped in coming up with the work flow, figuring out who on my team could do what, where the different responsibilities could go, and figuring out all of those little things that I could have dealt with on my own but would have taken me out of the creative flow of actually getting my vision birthed.
I had a total feeling of being supported, held, and knowing that the logistical things weren’t going to stand in the way of me creating my vision. I would come to our conversations overwhelmed and by the end the feeling completely disappeared – it all became much simpler and more doable than I thought it was.  

Thinking of working with Martine?

Do it. Do it now. Especially if you think you don’t need it or think it’s not going to work then you need it even more. If you have ideas, this is necessary. I would recommend this to anybody who has a bunch of ideas/visions and isn’t clear on: 1) how to make it happen; 2) how it all fits together; or 3) can’t even contemplate the how – this can be really beneficial.

Let somebody who knows how to do this be the one to figure it out for you so you can stay in the creation, or step more fully into the creation. Working with Martine is an opportunity to set the wheels in motion of bringing your visions into reality quickly. 


Exactly what I needed to read today! She nailed one of my future concerns to a ‘T’ and reminded me to do some of that NOW too! Thanks Martine!



I’m just in the very beginning to build my own small business in being a life-coach for people – I would like to thank you for your huge impact. I’m so grateful, receiving your newsletter for a couple of months now and it’s such a shining light for my personal growth – thank you so much!!! 



I just wanted to say, “thank you” for everything you’ve put out into the world. I admire all your courage in your own journey and I am glad to have found you to add even more positivity to my “feed.” You rock!!!


Wichita Falls, TX

When I’m reading your blog it’s like you’re reading my mind.