Last week’s post about the “as soon as” trap hit home for many of you. Many of us put things off because of fear, perfectionism, or perhaps because we think we “should” do something. Once we become aware of where we are holding back, we can start moving forward.

But that can feel pretty damn overwhelming.

So I want to give you a simple trick that I use in my own life. Whenever I catch myself saying “as soon as”, I ask myself “What if…”

What if I didn’t wait?

What if I just gave it a try?

What if I did it anyway?

Can you just feel the difference? Asking “what if” feels fun, curious, and optimistic. Instead of the heavy energy of “as soon as,” which feels full of obligation and struggle, “what if” feels playful. This simple question opens you up to new possibilities. It jump-starts your imagination to envision something new that you may never have thought of before. What once was scary is now exciting.

“Fear is excitement without breath.” – Robert Heller

Where in your life can you replace “as soon as” with “what if”?

Write your “as soon as” and “what if” in the comments below.

What new possibilities open up for you? Be curious, gather evidence, and keep moving forward.